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Ass Kickin' Gift Sets

  • Ass Kickin' Family Gift Set

    The Ass Kickin' Family Reunion Gift Set contains four unique flavors of hot sauce. 5 oz bottles of: Smart Ass Hot Sauce Lazy Ass Hot Sauce Dumb Ass Hot Sauce Pain in the Ass Hot Sauce

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  • Ass Kickin' Hot Sauce 3 Pack

    3 of our most popular Ass Kickin hot sauces in 5 oz bottles together in a gift set.  Great gift idea for that hot sauce lover in your family or group of friends. Includes:Roasted Garlic Hot SauceCajun Hot SauceHot Sauce From Hell

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  • MINI Ass Kickin' Hot Sauce 4 Pack

    Get all four of our Mini Bottle Ass Kickin' Hot Sauces in this four pack. Perfect for a gift or to go in your spice rack. .75 oz bottles of: Mini Ass Kickin' Original Hot SauceMini Ass Kickin' Wasabi Horseradish Hot SauceMini Ass Kickin' Cajun Hot...

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  • Pure Peppers Gift Set

    An elegantly packaged gift set of the finest pure peppers available in a wooden gift box. This is a gift that will be remembered and kept as a keepsake long after the peppers have been enjoyed. Includes: Red Savina Habanero PepperCayenne PepperJalapeno...

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